. To register, the user must enter all of their tax and bank details. They will receive an email indicating their username and password for accessing the Service.

. The monthly cost of using the eGestint Self-employed and eGestint Companies services includes all queries made by means of the query option in the application and by phone. It is preferable to use the query option given that it will maintain proof both of the query and of the answer provided. Said queries only refer to functioning of the Service.

. eGestint will issue a monthly invoice for payment of the service: €10 + VAT for eGestint Self-employed and €15 + VAT for eGestint Companies, indicating all tax details of both the issuing and the receiving parties.

. Any problems with payment will give rise to stoppage of the Service. However, information entered during the current tax year will always be available for access.

. Once the incident has been solved, the Service will be resumed and you will be able to continue entering your details.

. The cost of resuming the service will be at least the cost of one month’s payment or the duration of the monthly periods to have passed since the incident occurred.

. In the event of requesting additional training, the cost will be agreed to by means of the corresponding Quote.

. Registering for the Service implies acceptance of these Terms & Conditions.