Multi-user-Multilanguage Management Platforms

Manage your business with EGESTINT

Designed and continually improved to meet the needs of our customers


Monthly and instantaneous Operating Account. I.V.A. forecasts and I.R.P.F. Generates lists of invoices issued, received, expenses...


It has all the integrated management circuit. From the preparation of orders to the generation of bank remittances.


The connection with Point of Sale Terminals is fully integrated into the Company Platform. The Platform also connects to ON-LINE stores directly.

Training Centers

The Platforms allow adapting the form of Administrative and Accounting training. The work of teachers is facilitated and students’ performance will be higher.

Aid and Subsidies

Our Organization has a Department to process Aids and Subsidies related to the installation and start-up of Projects based on the E-GESTINT Platforms.


We have defined several levels of support, considering that we are part of a Professionals’ Team and a Network of Franchisees.

The Multi-user-Multilanguage Management Platforms have been operational since 2006


Connection with Point of Sale Terminals

All the information from the terminal or terminals reaches the Platform. Therefore, all the tickets issued are received, who has them issued, how they have been charged, etc.

The global information in a remotely form

From this information, it is possible to know the consumption of each item and, depending on the type of items, carry out the necessary administrative processes.

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